The PSST 2024 conference will critically analyze the state-of-the-art in the field of micro, meso, and nanostructured porous semiconductors and materials, and highlight the significant progress achieved over the two years since the 2022 PSST conference, organized in Lido di Camaiore by Professor Giuseppe Barillaro.

In particular, the PSST 2024 will focus on following topics:

01 - Electrochemical and metal-assisted chemical etching;

02 - Surface chemistry and pore filling;

03 - Novel structures and fabrication techniques;

04 – Micro-nano photonics and luminescence;

05 - Micro systems and electronics;

06 - Medical applications, imaging and therapy;

07 - Energy storage and conversion;

08 - Sensors and biosensors;

09 - Emerging applications;